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ARTH 330: Museum Studies: Theory and Practice Digital Portfolio Project

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April Grey

Part 1. Home

The goal of a home page is to introduce who you are, along with the purpose of the portfolio. The following are a few things you might want to include:

  • photo or snippet of one of your works
  • short description of who you are, including a few of your interests
  • list of skills you have gained in this field or subject
  • description of the purpose of the portfolio 
  • short description of your learning journey 

Part 2. Subpages

The goal of the subpage is to showcase your best work to provide evidence of growth and mastery of the subject being presented. You will be selecting examples of your work to share with the web page audience. 

Be creative and explore new techniques to showcase your work this semester. Here are some ideas of content to add to each subpage.

  • Reflection essays 
  • Powerpoint slideshow
  • Handouts
  • Photos
  • Sample works
  • Videos
  • Resource list